20-year bio cliffs notes.

Joined US Army, ’94-96

Graduated UW-Milwaukee, B.S. civil engineering, ’03

Taught english as a second language, Tokyo, Japan, ’03-04

Competed in jiujitsu, wrestling, catch wrestling, pankration, combat sambo and MMA in greece, japan, canada, russia, china, poland, jamaica, US. ’97-

Current official member of the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiujitsu Association.

Proud founder of Neutral Ground Jiujitsu and it’s Affiliates. ’05jon-friedland-openGI

Jon Friedland lives, trains and teaches in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Published by: JonFriedland

Jon Friedland here, finally putting some of my thoughts to type. I've been training well over 23 years, receiving my black belt in 2007. I’m a 16-year dojo owner and head instructor of Brazilian Jiujitsu. Started training Jiujitsu casually in early 1995, formally in 1997. Teaching BJJ since 2000, i received my black belt in 2007, opened my academy, Neutral Ground, in 2005, am the head instructor, and am currently a 3rd degree black belt under Master Pedro Sauer. i can be reached at jon@wisconsinbjj.com

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