rock out, rock on.

When you’re stuck, most commonly while on the bottom, techniques you’ve been taught can seem to just freeze, keeping you locked into an inferior position. Every time you attempt to move, the top player likely smashes downward, killing all momentum in an instant. You try to move, he stops the movement and that’s it. Appears as if all energy is lost. Eyes roll and life sucks.

In states that get a lot of snow, it is common, of course, to need help pushing your car out of the snow that has fallen and/or drifted in the night. Watching people pushing their cars out (like a turd who’s not helping), you see them(if they’re successful) start to rock the car back and forth, each time a slightly greater distance, gaining slightly more momentum, until enough is built up to finally free the car!
This principle applies directly to grappling and gaining the momentum to get your training partner moving. To move him ever so slightly, or by at least trying(building internal momentum), will cause him to respond in the opposite direction to a final extent. With each of his reactions, you are to assist him with this reactive motion until JUST the right final extent. At this critical moment you’ll then switch directions, losing as little momentum as possible, again, expecting his response, assisting his push or pull, and so on, like the car in the snowbank. This rocking action gives you ever so much more pressure over (as opposed to on) you to roll him…or ever so much more space to get your underhook or reguard etc. If it works to move your hoopty, it’s worth trying on your training partners to get and keep things moving again. rock out, rock on.

Published by: JonFriedland

Jon Friedland here, finally putting some of my thoughts to type. I've been training well over 23 years, receiving my black belt in 2007. I’m a 16-year dojo owner and head instructor of Brazilian Jiujitsu. Started training Jiujitsu casually in early 1995, formally in 1997. Teaching BJJ since 2000, i received my black belt in 2007, opened my academy, Neutral Ground, in 2005, am the head instructor, and am currently a 3rd degree black belt under Master Pedro Sauer. i can be reached at

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  1. I live 2 minutes from your new south Milwaukee location. I’m disappointed I missed the opening. I’m stopping in. I’m bringing my gear. I hope to get tapped over and over. Trucker John 🤘

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