Tulips, The Turtle Position, and Quarantine

My first year growing tulips, if indeed these ARE tulips. Its awesome to watch the flower petals close up at night or before expectant rain, only to open up again when it’s safe to receive life, sun and bees, and to give life in transported pollen, etc.

Immediately I think of the classic BJJ turtle position, which should be used only for temporary safety, like the closing of the petals. And like the tulip, the turtle position must open up to thrive, or die in place, and in fear. Open too early and your back is taken and life sucks. Open too late, and you’ve missed on the opportunity to advance your position.

Quarantine might be our societal turtle position. Like the turtle position, it should be used only with caution and only as long as necessary, or we will never thrive, and will die in place.

Our current challenge: Riding that line of voluntarily weakening ourselves for our temporary safety, with that of exposing ourselves to the environment and each other, our TRUE source of health, immunity, and fulfillment.

Sometimes we turtle up, and sometimes we open up, and knowing when and for how long to do each brings us into balance with ourselves and nature.

Also, insert creepy sensei bobblehead.

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Published by: JonFriedland

Jon Friedland here, finally putting some of my thoughts to type. I've been training well over 23 years, receiving my black belt in 2007. I’m a 16-year dojo owner and head instructor of Brazilian Jiujitsu. Started training Jiujitsu casually in early 1995, formally in 1997. Teaching BJJ since 2000, i received my black belt in 2007, opened my academy, Neutral Ground, in 2005, am the head instructor, and am currently a 3rd degree black belt under Master Pedro Sauer. i can be reached at jon@wisconsinbjj.com

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